The Winery

Bodegas Castillo de Monjardín is located at the foothills of Monjardín mountain, at the entrance of the town of Villamayor de Monjardín. The winery is built in stone and is surrounded by gardens and vineyards.

Bodegas Castillo de Monjardín

The birthplace
of wine

Our facilities

We have over 10,000 m² distributed across several warehouses, each dedicated to a different winemaking process, with the ideal temperature and humidity to produce various styles of wine. The spectacular barrels room stands out, a serene space housing nearly 2,000 barrels for oak aging our wines. Oak aging enhances a good wine, rounds it, develops aromas and structure necessary for crafting elegant wines.
To refine the palate of our wines in a very elegant manner, we have racks where we age the wine in bottle, a process that is slower and takes many years.

Bodegas Castillo de Monjardín

Tradition & innovation


The way we work with wine contrasts with the frenetic world we live in. Care in the vineyard, patience in aging, knowing when to wait for the wine to reach its full potential… It can take years. Wine is like a living being that evolves over time.

The winemaking process is not different from what our ancestors did, but nevertheless, everything has changed… Technology has given us the ability to bring out the best in our grapes.

We combine tradition with modernity, applying innovative techniques that have revolutionized the industry, such as barrel fermentation… or night harvesting, a technique we invented to gather grapes with the cool of the night.

Bodegas Castillo de Monjardín Bodegas Castillo de Monjardín

Love for our land


We love the land. It is our sustenance and our way of life. That’s why we take care of our environment and our fields, which give us quality fruits to make great wines.

We apply sustainable principles to safeguard the natural environment, adopting responsible environmental practices that ensure the continuity of the vineyards and the prosperity of the land.

Bodegas Castillo de Monjardín

Optimization of water use

We control our integrated irrigation system with drip irrigation for reduced water consumption.

Criteria for energy efficiency

The 12-meter slope in the architecture of the Winery means that the warehouses are semi-buried in the northern part with stable temperatures, favoring energy savings. Additionally, we can move wines by gravity.

Reduction of emissions

We use renewable energies, with 100Kw of solar panels installed for the Winery’s own consumption. Additionally, our facilities are designed to be energy efficient.

Minimal impact on the landscape

The noble materials (stone, antique brick, and wood) used in the architecture of our Winery harmonize and respectfully integrate into the landscape.

Bodegas Castillo de Monjardín

The reward for a job well done


Throughout our nearly 40 years of history, our wines have been awarded with the most prestigious national and international prizes.

More than 200 awards endorse the quality and excellence of our wines, among which are the “Challenge International du Vin” (France), “Mundus Vini” (Germany), “Concours Mondial de Bruxelles” (France), International Wine Challenge (England), Grenache du Monde, “Bacchus”(Spain) and the awards granted by the Denomination Origin Navarra, among other publications and specialized magazines.

Premios Bodegas Castillo de Monjardín
Premios Bodegas Castillo de Monjardín
Premios Bodegas Castillo de Monjardín
Premios Bodegas Castillo de Monjardín
Premios Bodegas Castillo de Monjardín