The vineyards

Welcome to our land and vineyards! During more than 5 centuries our family has always been involved in agriculture, with passion and knowledge learnt by hard work. We have more than 500 Hectares of family owned land property where we grow 40% vineyards, 10% olives trees and 50% cereals.

Each parcel is the testimony of family dedication and big efforts to keep cultivating our lands as best as possible. We have learnt by heart the characteristics of every parcel and have really define what to grow and how to make the best of each parcel.

Monjardin Mountain Valley

In the foothills of Monjardin Mountain, our family vineyards are grown under continental climate and get 600 liters of rainfall per year and snowfall in the wintertime. We are protected by the northern mountains and Pyrenees, that reduces the influence from the Atlanctic Ocean and allows us to have a unique microclimate at 650 mtrs altitude that makes it stable with no many variations through vintages to keep best quality every year.

Our terroir is made from clay soils with ferratus giving an special red color to our soils. With not much depth, makes the vineyards develop roots slowy with low yields. This provides our wines with intense expression, good acidity and balanced structure. Monjardin Valley grows exceptional Chardonnays, sparklings wines and gran reservas that reflect the uniqueness of our terroir.

Monjardin Mountain Valley - Castillo de Monjardín
Los Carasoles Valley - Castillo de Monjardín

Los Carasoles Valley

In the sunny slopes of  ¨ Raicilla ¨ Mountain, in the oriental 5 km from Villamayor de Monjardin, near Los Arcos, we grow our vineyards facing the sun to make our red wines crianzas. At 500 metres altitude, this valley is warmer and has less rainfall 500 liters per year. The soils is mainly calcareous and has good depth that allows our roots to grow well with no irrigation and give excellent grapes

This unique valley has that terroir that allows our vineyards to grow low yields of Tempranillo and Merlot that ripe to perfection and have unique character.

Los Carasoles Valley - Castillo de Monjardín

Our Vineyards in Olite

We have some family vineyards in the traditional region of Olite where is popular for Garnacha and Tempranillo. This area has a Mediterranean Climate with hot and dry summers and low rainfall 450 liters per year. Also, we have the Cierzo Winds that are strong and constant that go to the Ebro River Valley.

Our soils in Olite Vineyards are mainly calcareous with lots of stones so vineyards roots have to go deep. Being at 400 meters of altitude this area has extraordinary weather conditions to grow grapes to make well rounded fruity red wines.

Our Vineyards in Olite - Castillo de Monjardín
Deyo, unique vineyard - Castillo de Monjardín

Deyo, unique vineyard

In honor to San Esteban de Deyo, we have named our most special vineyard Deyo. It is a merlot with almost 40 years of age that is at its perfection. Located in the foothills of Monjardin Mountain at more than 600 mtrs high makes extraordinary merlot grapes, probably one of the best Merlots in Spain.

Deyo, unique vineyard - Castillo de Monjardín