Our wines

Our wines are characterized by being in the limit in Spain for vine cultivation, a cold and high-altitude climate that allows us to produce great wines.

We have classic Spanish varieties such as Garnacha and Tempranillo. Moreover, our proximity and historical-cultural connection with France bring us international varieties such as Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Chardonnay Whites

Discover the elegance of our Chardonnays, unique white wines and highly recognized in Spain. We have several styles of Chardonnays, from young to grand reserve, and all are characterized by being of very high quality.

Rosado de Lágrima

Our Rose DO Navarra is made as traditional saignee method, made mainly from Garnacha grapes. Harvested with the cool of the night, we develop more aromas and color stays less extracted and vibrant.


We have a wide range of red wines, as each vineyard is harvested and crafted as single vineyard. We showcase the expression of each vineyard, its terroir with the characteristics of each grape variety. Additionally, each wine undergoes aging in oak barrels that best enhances its style.

Reserves and Special Vintages

Experience the exclusivity of our most special wines. Here you can see the wines that we make with bottle aging in our bottle cellar of our SPECIAL RESERVES and most special vintages. Each bottle is a masterpiece, a testimony of the art and passion that define our Winery.

Sparkling Wines Brut Nature

Enjoy our sparkling wines Brut Nature crafted using the traditional champenoise method, elegant sparkling wines with fine bubbles.

Olive Oil Extra Virgin Arbequina

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made with 100% Arbequina olives from our fields in Campos Monjardín.